Planning and Launching a Business

Formation and Operating of Business Entities
Preincorporation Agreements
Formation and Organization of General Business Corporations
Articles of Incorporation
Board of Directors' Meetings and Actions
Shareholder's Meetings and Actions
Shareholder's Agreements
Corporate Buy-Sell Agreements
Issuance of Corporate Securities
Transfers of Corporate Securities
Dividends and Redemption of Corporate Securities
Statutory Close Corporations
Professional Corporations
Preformation Agreements - Partnerships
General Partnerships
Limited Partnerships
Issuance of Partnership Interests
Transfer of Partnership Interests
Termination of Partnership Interests
Partnership Meetings and Actions
Partnership Buy-Sell Agreements
Professional Services and Limited Partnerships
Investment Limited Partnerships
Limited Liability Companies
Preformation Agreements - Limited Liability Companies
Limited Liability Companies
Issuance of Membership Interests
Transfer of Limited Liability Company Interests
Termination of Membership Interests
Limited Liability Company Meetings and Actions
Limited Liability Company Buy-Sell Agreements
Other Methods for Conducting Business Activities
Business Trusts
Nonprofit Corporations
Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations
Conversion and Other Entity Form Changes
Product Development and Commercialization
Product Development
Vendor Agreements
Sales Representative Agreements
Distributor Agreements
Product Service and Support Agreements
Marketing and Advertising Agreements
Business Opportunities

Business Transactions

Contract Formation and Performance
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Repair and Maintenance Agreements
Consulting Agreements
Professional Services Agreements
Commercial Real Estate
Purchase and Sales of Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Leases
Commercial Real Estate Financing
Personal Property
Purchases and Sales of Personal Property
Uniform Commercial Code
Sale of Goods
Negotiable Instruments
Letters of Credit
Documents of Title
Secured Transactions
Personal Property Leases
Internet and Online Transactions
Electronic Commerce
Website Development and Hosting Agreements
Internet Content and Development Agreements
Consumer Transactions
Consumer Credit
Consumer Sales and Leases
Other Types of Contracts

Human Resources and Employment

Employment Agreements
Employee Confidentiality and Innovations Assignment Agreements

Employee Noncompetition and Nonsolicitation Agreement

Executive and Employee Compensation and Benefits
Stock Incentive Plans and Agreements
Employment Law Compliance
Independent Contractors
Employee Handbooks and Policies

Technology Management and Transactions

Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements
Trade Secret Protection Programs
Research and Development Agreement
Licensing Agreements
Software and Licensing Agreements
Computer Hardware

Governing and Compliance

Corporate Governance
Compliance Programs
Internal Investigations
Compliance Audits
Records Retention
Tax Planning and Reporting
Privacy and Data Security
Antitrust Law Compliance

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

Structuring and Negotiating Joint Ventures
Formation of Joint Ventures
Managing and Operating the Joint Venture

Going Global: Building an International Business

Launching and Managing Global Business Activities
Anti-Bribery Compliance

Acquisitions and Divestitures

Buying and Selling Businesses
Letters of Intent
Sales of Corporate Assets
Sale of Corporate Shares
Corporate Mergers

Sale of Proprietorships

Sales and Mergers of Partnerships

Business Restructuring and Terminations

Workouts and Business Bankruptcies
Dissolution and Liquidation of Corporations
Dissolution and Liquidation of Partnerships and LLCs